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Frequently asked questions

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Are the boats safe for children?

Safety of all our passengers and crew is paramount. We are regulated by the MCA (Marine Coastguard Agency) and have the legal requirement of life saving equipment on board. Our crew are fully trained to a high standard in Sea Survival and First Aid.

Please note you are responsible for your own children whilst on board our vessel, as we are responsible for you as passengers.

Is there a minimum age for children?

Ultimately you as a parent or guardian know the capabilities of your child, but we know from experience that children as young as three get a huge amount of fun and excitement, (as well as learning about the food chain), from our two hour mackerel fishing trips. Full tuition is provided. Children of all ages enjoy our cruises to the Needles. Please check out the fantastic photos and comments on TripAdvisor regarding children who came out with us for their first experience on a boat.

Do I need to have fishing experience?

No. If you have never been fishing before then your in for a real treat and some great outdoor fun. Full tuition is given by our friendly Skipper Lee during your fishing experience.

Do I have to book the whole boat?

No. Single customers are very welcome and popular, however a minimum of 4 passengers are required to run any of our trips, with a maximum of 8 passengers. Don’t worry if you are travelling alone, we have many customers who easily make up a minimum of 4. We do recommend booking in advance during the summer months June – September.

Do you accommodate stag parties and hen parties?

Yes. We offer trips for both hen and stag parties and alcohol is welcome on board.

What happens if we are seasick?

If we are out on a trip and someone suffers from seasickness we will do our best to make them comfortable for the rest of trip but will NOT return back to the Harbour early. However, our boat trips are only operational during fair weather. Natural seasick bands are available at our shop or from the village Chemist, if required.

What happens if my fishing trip is cancelled?

If we have to cancel your trip due to bad weather we will do our best to make sure you can rebook. However, if you are no longer on holiday or are unable to rebook we will refund you in full.

What will we be trying to catch?

See our Species of Fish Calendar for more information on species caught during the year but please note from May until late September Mackerel fishing is our most popular fishing experience.

Do we keep our catch?

Yes you keep your catch as long as it is of legal size and is permitted.

Our Skipper Lee will show you how to gut and prepare your fish for cooking.

How long are your Black Rock Charters Gift Vouchers valid for?

Our Black Rock Charters Gift Vouchers are the perfect present and can be made up for any amount. They are valid for 12 months from date of purchase and are non refundable.

How do I book a trip?

Contact us here

Information we need to take a booking:

▪   Name(s) of the person(s) to be booked on the trip

▪   A contact telephone number, in case of cancellation due to adverse weather

▪   Payment in full for all passengers to confirm the booking