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Conditions are payment in advance is necessary to confirm all trips, full refund given if we have to cancel any fishing trips or Needles cruises. We do always try to re-book in the event a trip is cancelled either by weather conditions, minimum places have not been met or any other reason. 

Gift Vouchers

Our gift vouchers can be ordered online for any of our advertised trips. All of our gift vouchers are non refundable and a valid for a year.


We have taken every reasonable precaution to ensure that our web site is accessible to as many people as possible and we welcome your feedback if you feel that we could do better.


Here at Black Rock Charters, we encourage visits by families, groups, regardless of physical or mental ability or disability.  A risk assessment has been prepared to cover risks which are specific to our boat trips.  It does not cover risks which might be experienced in ordinary life or which could be classed as “common sense” risks.  Our risk assessment commences from the time of boarding our vessels.

If your board our boats, then you accept that you are subjecting yourself to various kinds of risks many of which you must retain sole responsibility for.  

A safety brief will be given by the Skipper before every trip, we would ask that all passengers pay full attention to this.

 We are regulated & inspected by The Maritime and Coastguard (MCA) we have a Safety Management System and all documentation, certification and insurance polices are available to view, please contact us to request a copy.  MCA licences are on display in the wheelhouse and full emergency procedures are detailed in our Safety Management System a copy is always carried on board.

Emergencies requiring assistance by the emergency services will be called in the usual way by contacting the coastguard on the DSC VHF and if appropriate by dialling 999 by the Skipper or crew.  The nearest A&E department is at St Mary’s Newport.

Your Skipper will be experienced and commercially qualified and have completed first aid training.  Our crew undergo procedure training to ensure they are fully able to assist you throughout your trip.

On-board our boats we have all the legally required safety equipment. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (M.C.A.) regulate our boats and our Crew are fully licensed and trained.

 We do also ask all our customers to wear suitable and appropriate footwear before boarding, flip flops, wellington boots and stilettos! are not advisable.

Privacy policy

Under no condition we shall not divulge to any third party any information that you divulge to us.

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